A raw and revealing window into eating disorder recovery through the heart and mind of Kylie, who after 25 years of suffering a combination of anorexia and binge eating disorder, still fights every day with her relationship to food and her body.

Together with her partner, award winning filmmaker Annie Flynn and Claire Middleton OAM, (Founder of The Butterfly Foundation), Kylie shares all as she engages in a wide variety of treatment options. The series will feature leading experts, therapists, authors and advocates from all over the world, including the latest research into brain science and genetics. With the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and no clear pathway to clinical services, this series offers a vital gateway for millions of sufferers and carers worldwide.


This series is not just about my eating disorder recovery, it’s about everybody’s eating disorder recovery. I will speak to every single expert that we find along the way and bring those answers back so that it can become accessible to people who would have no other way of finding out this information.



Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental illneses.

1900 Australians died from eating disorder in 2014. HIGHER THAN THE NATIONAL ROAD TOLL.

Only 25% of all Australian suffering from an eating disorder are accessing effective treatment.

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If we can help one person make a different choice. If we can find an answer out there that’s untapped and hasn’t been discovered...

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